On the Job

What contact information should I leave for the care provider?

Before you leave your children with one of our care providers, you will be asked to complete a few paperwork items including signing a medical and liability release form.  The form will include areas for cell phone numbers, and give you the opportunity to readdress and discuss special needs and medical situations.  If you would like to provide the sitter with the location you are likely to be, feel free.

How can I reach the sitter while they are with my children?

If the sitter has reliable reception at the location, they will provide their mobile phone number before you leave. Our care providers are also instructed to answer calls at your residence or hotel (unless you tell them specifically not to) so you can reach them that way as well. If you know ahead of time that you would like to call and check in with the sitter, it is helpful to let them know so they can expect your call in case they are planning to be outside playing, swimming, etc.

How are your care providers prepared to respond to an emergency?

Our staff is trained in OBXIC’s policies in how to handle emergencies.  If there is an emergency, i.e. a child has fallen or appears hurt you will be contacted and notified immediately.  Should a life-threatening emergency occur, paramedics will first be called to the scene then the sitter is instructed to call you secondly.  The training, experience and professionalism of our sitters ensure that we are prepared to deal with these situations should they arise.

Can my kids swim in the pool at our rental cottage?

Absolutely, as long as it has been okayed by the parent and/or guardian ahead of time. All of our care providers can swim and are CPR certified. Just let us know of your child’s swimming ability and needs ahead of time.

Can an OBXIC care provider take the children off the property?

Sitters may take the children off property, only to a previously agreed upon destination.  We do not allow children to travel in a provider’s personal vehicle.