Hours of Operation

What are your business hours?

We typically answer the phone from 10am until 9pm, and earlier and later during busy periods to assist with questions or last minute reservations. You can always text Maria at 252-489-0230.

How early can your care providers start?

Sitters typically start as early as 9am, but for special situations, we can arrange for them to be there earlier.

How late will your sitters stay?

For nighttime bookings, it’s rare the sitters need to stay later than 2am, but if a special situation calls for special needs, we can usually accommodate you.

For daytime bookings care providers may need to leave by a certain time in order to attend another engagement or get to another job.  It’s important that you and the provider establish those needs up front so everyone is on the same page. Staying in contact by phone is a good option as well.  The provider will give you his/her cell phone when he/she arrives in case you need to reach him/her while away.

Do you need a firm end time or can we come back later than our scheduled end time?

We try to be as flexible as possible. For evening jobs it is almost never an issue, we just ask that you give the sitter a ball park return time when you leave for the evening. For daytime jobs, like mentioned above, care providers may need to leave by a certain time in order to get to another engagement or job. If there are constraints on their time, you will be notified during booking and when the care provider arrives. If you would like to have a flexible end time, please make this request at the time of booking so we can allow for that in our scheduling.

Do you do overnights?

We do not typically send providers for overnight work.  Special circumstances often arrise, so please call for a quote and to check availability.

Do you do long term nanny placements?

We do not place sitters for over one month in length, and since we will bill by the hour versus a flat rate, it is typically more cost effective to hire a nanny outside of our company for those situations.