Bookings & Reservations

Can we book the same sitter for multiple days?

Yes, we always try our best to have the same care provider for a family using multiple days/times of care. However, we do recommend that you call as far in advance as possible in order to assure that we can reserve the same person for you.  She may have other plans during the times you are requesting her presence.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We recommend as much advance notice as possible.  While booking dinner, golf, spa or excursion reservations, it’s most convenient to go ahead and book your childcare too.  Since booking up during the summer season and especially holiday weekends is likely, so call ahead and include us in your early booking process (especially if you have multiple booking requests for the same sitter)..

We do not accommodate same day bookings for daytime reservations.  We need to know at least the night before to coordinate a provider for a morning booking.  Finding a provider for same-day evening bookings tends to work out more often than not.

Do you do last minute bookings?

We accommodate last minute reservations whenever possible.  Of course availability is not guaranteed. Although we HIGHLY recommend calling in advance, we understand last minute plans arise and changes occur.  Either way we are happy to give it a go.

How do I make a reservation?

The only way to request a childcare provider is to call or text Maria at 252-489-0230. Once a sitter is secured, we will review your needs then contact you via phone to finalize coordination and take your credit card information.  Please have your card number, expiration date, CCV code and billing address available.

How do I contact my care provider?

The care provider will be given your contact information and will be in touch with you at least 12 hrs prior to the reservation to introduce him/herself, confirm time, directions etc. (except in the situation of last minute bookings).  If you need to reach the provider before or after you hear from them, please call or text Maria at (252) 489-0230.

Where do I meet my children’s care provider?

They will meet you wherever it is that you have indicated. In hotel situations, we work closely with concierge staff so that our care providers can come directly to your hotel room. If you would like to meet them elsewhere, please specify that when they check in with you the day before your reservation.