Billing & Payment

How do I pay?

When you make your reservation a credit card will be taken and held until after services have been rendered.  Your card will not be billed until after we confirm from the care provider the number of hours they were onsite with your children.  We will charge the credit/debit card on file then send you a detailed PDF statement of the charges for your records. If you have any questions, please let us know!

What amount will be charged on my card and how will it be listed?

You will be billed for the hourly rate (which depends on how many children we cared for) times the number of hours the sitter worked for you.  Remember a 3-hour minimum will be billed for all evening bookings and a 4-hour minimum for all daytime bookings.  A charge from OBX Island Childcare, LLC will be listed on your credit card bill.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. Your credit card information is processed using the highest standards of encryption. We retain your billing information in our system as a convenience to you as many of our clients are frequent users of our services. If you do not plan on using our services again or prefer that your information be removed after your payment is processed, please let us know and we would be happy to remove your credit card information from our files.

Should I tip the sitter?

We expect OBXIC sitters to always exceed expectations, however if you’d like to show additional appreciation for their performance, then by all tips are permitted.  How much of course varies given the number of hours and children they tended to, but anywhere from $5-$10 (for a short sit) up to $40 for a long day with a lot of kids. Please remember, this is JUST a guideline, it’s up to you!

What do I do if the amount charged seems incorrect?

Of course we do everything in our power to make sure each billing is done correctly, but sometimes misunderstandings occur.  If you believe you were incorrectly charged or have any questions about your bill, please give us a call at (252)489-0230 so we can resolve any discrepancies.